Thoughtful design and development

About Us

Paine Group is Bozeman’s home-grown real estate development company. Founded by Matt Paine, our vision has always been to create thoughtful residential and commercial projects that positively meet the needs of our community. But it’s not just about our vision. We love meeting with fellow visionaries who care about the future of this amazing place and partnering with them on projects that will enhance the community for years to come.

Taken with the Montana landscapes and lifestyle, all of our team members chose to make their homes here. We are intent on maintaining what makes this place unique and being good stewards for generations to come. We feel honored to get to live, work and play here, always finding time to go skiing, get out on the river or take in the views that surround us each day.

Every project starts with building relationships first. If you are interested in investing in a current project or have an investment idea you would like to explore, we invite you to contact us.

The integrity of the Bozeman community and
a dedication to a vibrant future drives our commercial and residential designs. From a Scandinavian-inspired modern living community to shopping and retail developments, every project is thoughtfully designed to meet today’s needs and plan for the future.

We take pride in creating projects that enhance our community by drawing from the best modern elements of design and functionality. In the pursuit of this vision, we have assembled a team of passionate and engaged professionals who bring a variety of skills and experiences to the team.


Do you have a project that you would like to discuss with our team? We look forward to hearing from you.