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We are a home-grown Real Estate development and investment company in Bozeman, Montana. Led by Matt Paine, we are dedicated to creating thoughtful residential and commercial projects that positively contribute to the needs of our community. With over a decade of experience in real estate development, we have completed a wide range of diverse projects, ranging from multi-family residences to commercial warehouse and retail space, that meet the needs for homes and workspaces across the Gallatin Valley. As the Bozeman area continues to grow, we believe development should happen in a thoughtful and responsible manner that takes into consideration what makes the city unique and special. Our development process begins by analyzing the space and its environment to determine best uses. We work with intent to ensure that our projects address the area’s specific needs while staying true to the authenticity of our community. We are committed to thoughtful and intentional design and development.

We offer opportunities for investment in residential and commercial projects in the rapidly-growing Bozeman area. We invite inquiries from investors who share our commitment to thoughtfully planned and executed projects that enhance our community.

Investing with us is an investment in the future growth of Bozeman. Our diverse portfolio speaks to the needs of our growing city. Invest with the assurance that each project is thoughtfully considered and well planned to address these specific needs.

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