the market

The Market at Ferguson Farm is a hub for shopping and dining on Bozeman’s west side. Walkable and bikeable for residents of this fast-growing area, The Market aims to be a community gathering place and cornerstone of the west side for years to come. It is the central anchor for the Ferguson Farm development.

Where the community gathers

The Market was built with enduring qualities to support the long-term vision to prepare for the future by making lasting and smart decisions now. The building is outfitted with a 50KW solar system that powers the building as well as an electric vehicle charger.

Its modern Montana design pays homage to the farm that once was there by incorporating grain elevators and reclaimed barnwood accents. Some notable design elements include indoor and outdoor gathering areas and large outdoor patio and elevated walkways. The building features a mix of the best Montana and the world has to offer from locally built furniture to Italian lamps.

The overarching goal of The Market is to provide Bozeman’s west side neighborhoods with access to quality food, entertainment and retail options. Its open design lends itself to the possibility for popup farmers markets, kiosks for local vendors and live music on the patio.

Skiers and snowboarders will want to keep an eye on the blue rotating strobe light on top of the towers that alerts them when snow is falling at Bridger Bowl ski area.

Size: 21,418 sq. feet

Architect: Bitnar Architects of Bozeman

Built by: Langlas & Associates Inc.

Completed in: 2018