The Palisade Building

The Palisade is a two-suite glass and brick building designed to accommodate local health and wellness businesses. The project received an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Design Award for its simplicity in design and aesthetic appeal. 

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Located north of the Boardwalk at Ferguson Farm, the Palisade Building currently houses Lone Peak Physical Therapy and Haan Skin Care.

The full steel brick and glass structure was designed to enhance the experience for wellness customers patronizing these businesses with accents like aluminum sun shades, recessed energy meters that don’t take away from the building’s aesthetics and outdoor areas that can be utilized by tenants.

The goal of the project was for the Palisade Building to not just be functional in 50 years but also still be attractive. It’s a building that has a simple beauty and utility.

A lack of common areas mean tenants can use 100% of their space, resulting in less cost for them and increased lease rates for maximizing investor returns. All building choices were made with a focus on quality materials and to reduce long-term maintenance costs.

The Palisade Building contributes to the overall goal of the Ferguson Farm area to be a self-sustained area that provides residents access to the services and businesses they want and need in a convenient location on the fast-growing west side of Bozeman.

Size: 6,530 sq. feet

Architect: Bitnar Architects of Bozeman

Built by: Langlas & Associates Inc. of Bozeman.

Completed in: 2016